Vasantha Peter

Motto: Living Life Over And Above Circumstances

About Vasantha

     Vasantha Peter firmly believes that hope gives a person the ability to fight and overcome any difficult situation and lets them live life in its fullness. As a counsellor, she is motivated to bestow this hope in people’s lives through her therapy sessions. She is motivated aher urge to transform people’s bitter experiences into something less painful and thereby
promote a healthy mind.

     She ensures her own well-being by going for personal therapy sessions and engaging in recreational activities such as reading and painting. She also enjoys regular exercises, long walks and badminton. Apart from working as a school counsellor, Vasantha has worked with corporates, NGOs, hospitals as well as contributed to academics through various research initiatives. She also provides her expertise as a trainer and resource person at various workshops and events. She is proficient in English, Hindi, Kannada and Telugu.

     Vasantha’s preferred approaches for therapy include CBT, REBT, BT and Psychodynamics. She is supervised by Lal Ropuii.


  • Consultation at Clinic

  • Consultation at Neutral Venue

  • Video Consultation

  • Abuse

  • Adolescents

  • Children

  • Mental Health Concerns

  • Parenting

  • Relationship Concerns

  • Self-Development

  • Women Centric


Kothanur (Clinic), Indiranagar, Online

Contact Vasantha
Phone Number:
  • Student- 350/-

  • General- 500/-

  • Couple- 700/-

  • Video-500/-

  • Neutral Venue- 600/-