How to End Your Life!

When things are distressing we might feel like giving up hope. It could be because of facing difficult and tiring situations on a constant basis or because of a major life-event(s) that you are not being able to deal with. It does not matter if those situation(s) are of relevance to others. What matters is how it has affected you - because you are IMPORTANT and therefore what YOU feel about that situation is more important than what others think and feel about it.

It is often told that “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. However, when we have been through (certain) tough situations, we might feel quite exhausted and tired. What you are facing might be difficult, unjust and so burdening that you might not be able to bear it anymore. You might feel like quitting… quitting life.

It might not be because we are not strong, rather it might be because of being overwhelmed and drained of being strong. Or perhaps, we might not be aware of the ways to deal with the situation. In such situations, suicide would seem like the best way out! However, if that concern was not there in our life or if we knew how to deal with the concern, then probably we might not want to end our life.

Hence, it would be safe for us (you and me) to assume that it is this “concern” that needs to come to an end and not your life. Consequently, you need to learn to end that past life overpowered with “concerns” and steer towards a new beginning – looking forward to your bright future on Earth.

Here are few steps for you to end this kind of living.

1. If at any point of time if you are feeling like ending your life, give a call to 022 2754 6669 (AASRA). It is a 24/7 hotline number.

2. It might be of encouragement to believe that “this too shall pass away”. Whatever be the situation you are in and however long it has affected you, there is always a way to deal with it.

3. Try taking one day at a time. Let tomorrow worry about itself. It might be quite difficult to practice it but is definitely possible.

4. Sometimes we might not be able to see the positive aspects in life. They occur as insignificant events to us. If you are reading this article, and have come this far, you are leaning towards the positive aspect of life. Not only do you have access to the technology, enabling you to read this (which several sections of society lack), but you are also making an effort to be positive and spread the same.

Things need not end in despair. You can choose to make a difference in your life. You are not an accident. You can impact the world in a manner that no one else can – BECAUSE YOU ARE UNIQUE AND WANTED.

This article is not just meant for you to read and hang on – that is called surviving. You are built to live - live life to the fullest. Reach out to us and help us assist you in making a difference in your life – End your old style of living, not your life itself.

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