Shriti Mitra

Motto: Live And Let Live

About Shriti

     Shriti believes that the sense of fulfilment that she derives from helping people deal with their day-to-day challenges is one of her biggest motivators as a helping professional. It not only motivates her but also helps her grow as a person. 

     Apart from support from her peers, Shriti makes sure to keep herself at the top of her game by taking regular breaks and setting time off for walks. She also has a sweet tooth!


     Shriti believes in the Rogerian Person-Centred Therapy model and focusses on the innate abilities of her clients to lead their own lives and make decisions that they know are best for themselves. She is proficient in English, Hindi, Marathi and Bengali. She is currently supervised by Mr Vinod Victor. 


  • Telephonic Consultation

  • Video Consultation

  • Adolescents

  • Mental Health Concerns

  • Parenting

  • Relationship Concerns

  • Self-Development

  • Workplace Concerns

  • Women Centric


Online only

  • Telephonic/Video-500/-