Sharon Sarah

Motto: 'Choose' to be free, that's half your battle won.

About Sharon

Sharon always found the desire to be a support, to anybody who needed her help to feel better and happier. She believes this to be the driving force of her career as a full-time professional counsellor. Being able to help somebody experience true freedom keeps her motivated, even on the hardest day.


She turns to her talents as a musician and an artist to ensure her mental and emotional well-being; she believes that these mediums help her stay calm, stress-free, happy, and healthy. She also describes herself as a spiritual person with a very strong relationship with God, drawing her strength from prayer and His Word. She also finds help in her support system comprising of family and friends. Sharon ensures that she has her ‘me’ time religiously, every day, as she considers it to be very important.    


Sharon is inclined towards the Gestalt and Humanistic schools of psychology while conducting her therapy sessions; however, she believes herself to be flexible in terms of such approaches and uses the one(s) that fits best for her client. Further, as a certified art therapist, she does employ expressive therapy techniques during her sessions.

She is comfortable taking her sessions in English and is currently under the supervision of Ms. Sudha Sripada.


  • Consultation at Clinic

  • Telephonic Consultation

  • Consultation at Neutral Venue

  • Adolescents

  • Group Therapy

  • Parenting

  • Relationship Concerns

  • Self-Development

  • Trauma

  • Women Centric

  • Workplace Concerns


Koramangala (Clinic)

Contact Sharon
Phone Number:
  • Student- 600/-

  • General- 1000/-

  • Couple- 1000/-

  • Telephonic-700/-

  • Neutral Venue- 800/-