Amrita Kanjani

Motto: The Glass is Half-Full

About Amrita

     For Amrita Kanjani, being in this profession helps her see the strength and courage in people and derive inspiration from them in her own life. She believes that we go through what we do for a reason – a good reason – we just have to be patient enough to see the good. We are always looking at someone else to love and accept us, but charity begins at home. She
therefore firmly upholds the belief that self-love goes a long way in finding peace.

     Amrita practices Yoga and eats healthy. She reads and engages in intellectually stimulating conversations with people, always learning something new in the process. This is how she ensures her well-being.
Amrita is proficient in English and Hindi.

     During her sessions, she prefers to engage in an eclectic approach, though she leans towards Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy. She is supervised by Govind Ganesh.


  • Consultation at Clinic

  • Telephonic Consultation

  • Video Consultation

  • Adolescents

  • Children

  • Family

  • Parenting

  • Relationship Concerns

  • Self-Development

  • Women Centric

  • Workplace Concerns


Kundapura, (Udupi)

Contact Amrita
Phone Number:
  • Student- 500/-

  • General- 700/-

  • Couple/Family- 900/-

  • Telephonic/Video-700/-